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12 Juni 2018
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Jasa Arsitek Medan Creopiktura
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How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Medan

How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Medan

How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Medan

Have you ever heard about Medan? Indonesia is a very blessed country because it has so many wonderful places that are famous around the world. You do not need to be doubt to come to Medan because you never go there before. Just get the service from the Medan travel agent and everything will be clear. One of the interesting services from them is about Lake Toba tour package.

Lake Toba is the most famous tourist destination in Medan because of the background history. Believe or not but the lake is the second biggest lake in this world. In Indonesia, this lake becomes the biggest one. The extent is about 1.145 square kilometres. It also becomes the deepest lake in this world. The depth is about 450 meters.

Visit Lake Toba

The first tip to enjoy your holiday in Medan is visiting Lake Toba. You can use the Lake Toba travel agent to help you deliver there. The Medan tour is usually having the connection for the great agent that is trusted. When you come to Lake Toba you can come to the Samosir Island. This is the volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba and you can arrive there for about 45 minutes using Ferryboat. In the Samosir Island, you can visit Tuk Tuk, Lake Sidihoni and also Lake Aek Natonang. All of them are perfectly beautiful. You will feel so homey and warm because of the local people will welcome you greatly.

Try to Explore Medan City

The second tips that you should do when you are in Medan are trying to explore the city. You can find so many interesting activities in this city such as riding a motorcycle rickshaw. You can also be hunting for the Medan special culinary. Of course, you should search for the Halal and non Halal food.  Do not forget to come to Ucok Durian and taste the best Durian ever in Medan. Besides that, you can also be tracked to the Lawang Hill. Lawang Hill is the conservation centre of Orang Utan that is located in Langkat, North Sumatera. For you who love to explore wild nature then you should come there soon. If you want to push your adrenaline then you should visit Crocodile Park. You can see more than 2000 crocodiles from various age and size.

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Just remember to server your ticket and book the service from Medan Advisor before you fly to Medan. Medan Lake Toba tour service will bring you the real experiences in Medan and around places that available there. They will give you lots of destination choices and you will get what you pay. Your money will never be useless. Just feel free to use their booking service directly from your smartphone.

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